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Cosmetic dental surgery is performed in your Brooklyn dentist’s office, where the staff ensures your comfort and well-being. Your general dentist in Brooklyn offers a host of cosmetic surgical options, ranging from dental implants to implant-supported dentures. Emergency dental surgery also is done in the office, typically in response to a facial trauma that’s causing you a lot of pain.

Dental surgery is a broad field that’s highly specialized. You should trust your oral health only to the best dentist in Brooklyn, especially when surgery is necessary. The most common types of dental surgery are cosmetic dental surgery and emergency dental surgery. But your general dentist may recommend it if you’re living with medical problems such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (or TMJ) or a cleft palate.

Dental surgery, also referred to as oral or maxillofacial surgery, is performed by the best Brooklyn dentist. You deserve to be comfortable, safe and secure during any cosmetic or emergency dental surgery. And your family dentist provides a full range of surgical services, including cosmetic dentistry. Your appearance is always taken into consideration in tandem with your oral health and overall well-being.

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