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Rely on a platinum Invisalign dentist the Bronx that is open on both Saturday and Sunday. If you or your child has crooked teeth, you have to decide between Invisalign and braces. While modern braces may claim to be invisible, only Invisalign is truly invisible. And Invisalign for teens is becoming more and more popular. Visit the Bronx Invisalign doctor or dentist, open on Saturday, to fit your Invisalign braces, Invisalign attachments or Invisalign retainer. These braces straighten teeth without metal fittings. An Invisalign retainer for an adult and Invisalign for teen users is a great way to straighten your teeth without anyone else knowing.

Invisalign braces are a transparent alternative to the more common metal wire braces. Instead, you wear clear incremental aligners that place consistent pressure on your teeth to promote sustained movement to a more desired, straightened position, making your smile beautiful again.

Your New York City dentist has several options to straighten your teeth. The benefits of straightened teeth go beyond cosmetic. A happier, more confident smile is really just an added bonus.

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