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You get sick. We give you a list of treatments with science-based ratings. Imagine that you get a life and death illness and that you could have surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or 15 other treatments when you consider all of Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, herbal therapies, and all alternative medical practices. All patients need a treatment list with ratings. So, why hasn't this been done before? It's because the math is complex. On average, one diagnosis may have 10 treatments. Each of those treatments may have 10 vital statistics. Each of those statistics may come from 10 different references. Each of those references may have 10 variables. That's 10×10×10×10 = 10,000 pieces of information that must be processed and transformed. Treatment Scores, Inc. has created tools to data mine the medical literature and allow physicians, nurses, and patients to educate themselves and rate treatments using evidence-based medicine guidelines. Our software is the Treatment Score Analyzer™.