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What to eat on restricted diets is a challenge. It even becomes a formidable chore in social occasions. It is not so convenient to pull out a handheld to calculate your food intake. Our Assistant easily solves this with a glanceable interface on wearables.

Choose the meal type from breakfast to happy hour. Then speak/touch to select your foods. It will inform how you fare for the meal and the day along with weekly and monthly statistics. Initial version will focus on the Glycemic Load. Other nutrition information and conformity to diet plans will follow.

The Assistant uses broad categorization when wearables are used for input. On an Android watch, a 9-touch-point for meal type selections is offered. It will cover 27 to 45 food groups for each meal. The computed total load will be shown in three categories:
Reduce Portions
Walk Away
On a Google Glass, the user will have the option of taking pictures and selecting meals and foods from a quickly moving slide show.