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Teeth bonding is a cost-effective way to cover cosmetic dental flaws and repairing minor injuries. Dental bonding in Yonkers, used for teeth contouring, is made from composite fillings. Reshaping teeth is required when you injure a tooth. White filling material matches the color of your teeth so no one notices you’ve had cosmetic bonding in Yonkers. And dental bonding costs less than crowns. When you see dental bonding before and after photos, you’ll see the value in teeth reshaping.

What is dental bonding?
Dental bonding refers to a tooth-colored resin material, called a composite filling. Your Yonkers dentist applies it to your teeth for teeth reshaping. The curing material chemically bonds the resin to your teeth to restore and improve your smile. Your dentist, open on Saturdays, may use dental bonding for several reasons.

Depending on the reasons for dental bonding, very little preparation is required, and you may not even need anesthesia. The bonding offers both cosmetic and restorative benefits, as the material is colored to match your natural teeth.

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