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A throbbing tooth can keep you awake at night and disrupt your everyday life and routine. You don’t have to tolerate toothache anymore; call to schedule a visit to a Yonkers dentist open on Saturday and Sunday. Throbbing tooth pain could be a sign of a serious dental health issue. At our cosmetic dental clinic in Yonkers, Westchester NY we offer same day appointments for dental emergencies.

Throbbing tooth pain makes everyday activities nearly impossible to enjoy. Concentrating on work or school while dealing with the pain is difficult, if not impossible. While many different causes lead to toothache, the throbbing is an indication of excess blood flow in the tooth due to inflammation.

Inflammation and annoying tooth pain often arrive together. Your Yonkers family dentist, open on Saturday, knows how to diagnose and treat your pain so you don’t have to wait for an appointment. And it’s your Sunday dentist who can put you back on your daily path quickly and comfortably.

Cavities, Small and Large
A cavity, or hole in your tooth, occurs when the hard, outer layer of your tooth, the enamel, is eaten away. Bacteria and decay reach the nerve, which then becomes inflamed.

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