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Hospitals use monitoring technology decades old. Replacing this technology with wearables, enhances patient care and validates the wearable itself.
For example, telemetry/oximetry via wearables can allow patients to get out of bed untethered and delirious/demented patients may be less apt to pull off compact wearables vs other monitors. iThermometer could better track fever curves in septic patients. Delirious patients may benefit from Muse headbands for sleep-wake cycle modulation to reduce sedative use.
Wearables could improve in-hospital communication. Most hospitals use old “call button” tech for patient-to-nurse communication. Instead, a patient can use a wearable with Healthbridge messaging to communicate the category of their needs (“pain”, etc). Nurses would use wearables that ping with a message stating their need, so nurses can prioritize patient care accordingly.
Thus, there is huge potential for widespread use of wearables to enhance acute inpatient care.