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Wide nostrils contribute to the appearance of an oversized nose that doesn’t fit the face especially for patients of an ethnic descent. A wide tip can be related to a wide nasal base or due to a broad, bulbous tip. Several nostrils reduction techniques are available to slim wide, flared or thick nostrils using reduction rhinoplasty techniques in NYC & NJ. Stop complaining and drawing attention to your wide nostrils schedule your consultation Dr. Monica Tadros, top-rated double board-certified plastic surgeon and the expert nostrils reduction specialist in New York and Bergen County New Jersey.

Nostrils Reduction Procedure

A nose that has big or large nostrils is a frequent complaint of many potential rhinoplasty patients.
To reduce nostril size, Dr. Tadros nostrils reduction surgeon removes portions of the surrounding tissue through incisions. The results are minimal with no obvious scarring.

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