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Imagine waking up in the morning and a friend reminding you of your schedule for the upcoming activities for the day.
People with Alzheimer's and dementia have a difficult time being able to perform basic daily activities. They may forget that it's breakfast when all they need is to be reminded.
Proposed wearable is a wristwatch type device that will automatically interact with the wearer with a voice recording. A prerecording of a familiar voice (family member/friend) of their daily routine can be programmed into the device to give orientation for the day. There can be multiple recordings set to specifics times.
It also serves as a GPS location device that can be tracked by computer or smartphone. A virtual perimeter can be set up on the application to be able to serve as a warning system if the wearer decides to wander. The integration of these two applications will orientate the wearer and prevent them from getting lost. Having a programmable device personalized to each individual's needs will allow them to maintain some independence throughout.
It will be very helpful with people with early onset Alzheimer's/dementia to be able to have less stress and a more fulfilling day.