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The current Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been the largest in history. Although there are numerous challenges with treating Ebola, monitoring and evaluating patients and tracking information in a secure way are ongoing issues in Ebola treatment centers.
Our solution Proxome, addresses these challenges through creating a secure patient monitoring device comprised of a Bluetooth low energy beacon attached to a patient chest strap. The beacon is paired to a beeper that will alarm the health care worker when a patient‘s heart rate and temperature exceeds a designated level. Clinicians will have the opportunity to manually program the settings to best meet the needs of the patient and the treatment center. The beeper will be worn under the clinician’s PPE and both the beeper and the beacons can be disinfected in Chlorine.
Proxome has the ability to be replicated for other outbreaks in resource-poor settings and also to be used in LMIC hospitals where there are no ICU facilities.