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Users travelling abroad/frequent travellers can use a wearable which keeps tracking their geolocation & keeps a log. (eg. 11th Jan- city 1, 13th Jan city 2). >> a social media app matches the travel logs with heat zones (defined below) OR any possible high volume flu/epidemic discussion trends (say swine flu was discussed with high frequency on social media by users in city 1 around Jan11) >> if the traveller falls ill with the same symptoms & is confirmed by the physician, the wearable can be tagged as belonging to a carrier patient & the social media app can then track the movement of this carrier & alert other users.>> If the social media app detects multiple carriers in the same geo, the area can be considered as a heat zone>>
>> Even if the traveller has not fallen ill, but the social media app indicates of the traveller having been to the heat zones, preventive medication/precautions/quarentine can be observed as applicable