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Each year, an estimated 40 million people worldwide and 3.8 million US athletes sustain a concussion or, mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). Yet, there is no standardized guideline, based on objective patient data, for the best way to recover from concussion. The most common prescription for recovery is to "rest" and to "wait and see" if the patient recovers rather than providing proactive, personalized management. The CDC, appropriately, calls concussion injuries a "silent epidemic."

Many patients do not recover properly because there are not any tools to aid in their recovery. The wearable will monitor patient's behavior, such as sleep, physical activity, and biometric data during their recovery. The wearable will provide feedback based on the patient's data for a personalized, progressive path to full recovery.

This proposed methodology has been validated by a world leading concussion expert. A Boston based brain injury clinic has expressed interest in conducting a clinical trial.