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Emergency Department (ED) communications are rapid, continuous, and often chaotic. ED care provision requires balancing many priorities between patients that providers are unfamiliar with, while communicating with the many members of ED care teams and other hospital departments. Current electronic medical record systems are not designed to significantly facilitate communication between these parties.

Critical Value (CV) reporting has been shown to significantly benefit patient care, yet current tools (phone call/page/EMR confirmations) to acknowledge CV notification serve as 'blocking' communication, causing cascading workflow inefficiencies. Wrist wearable tools enabling touch or voice response present an opportunity to transform push notification acknowledgements into asynchronous, 'non-blocking' events, and could significantly improve ED workflows. CV notification in particular presents an opportunity to assess a new and important mode of hospital communication. We propose to asses potential gains of lab-to-clinician CV push notification in two large academic EDs, thereby facilitating more rigorous further study.