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What gives a physician joy? To feel that we are needed & that we are helping our fellow “man”. Thus, if we can recognize that our patients are part of a larger community & that patients construct their meaning of health through the lens of the local community, then by getting out into our local community & empowering people to help themselves, we can again start to realize why we chose our profession. Network with members of your local schools, community centers, & universities. Create a cadre of people from different areas all serving with one focus: to better the health of the local community. But volunteer as a medical educator, as an advocate for your patient, not just as a doctor conducting another physical exam. Serve as a near-peer mentor for your community, teaching local community members to become peer mentors, thus creating their own meaning of health for their community, & involving members of the local community in the process. It's a great feeling. I urge you to try it!