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Primary care is a calling, but lately one that is falling onto deaf ears.

Arduous work, administrative burdens, and the fee-for-service treadmill have resulted in a lack of career satisfaction and an exodus of MDs from the field.

InLight EHR - DPC Edition empowers physicians to transition to Direct Primary Care (DPC) where MDs see patients on their own terms, for as long as clinically needed.

Web-based and mobile-ready, InLight provides an intuitive problem-oriented record with a fluid patient messaging system, relieving the cognitive burden of doctoring and yielding a more intuitive documentation style.

InLight’s problem-oriented “Heads-Up” display learns how one practices, with 1-click ordering of meds, labs, and studies resulting in efficient and effective decision-making. InLight decreases time spent authoring notes, freeing up more time for doing what MDs value most – caring for patients.

InLight EHR - DPC Edition: Restoring Joy (and Care) Back Into Medicine.