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Let's be honest. Most of these ideas are going to be insufficient bandaids. Like when the military invests in mindfulness to reduce PTSD and suicidality, instead of, you know, focusing on peace building.

We know the causes of poor quality medical work. Rushed visits and institutions not focused on dignity and health impact. And this stems from our medical non-system being driven by financially-driven actors, with an absence of leadership from principled physicians.

Physicians who wants quality care for their patients and themselves need to reclaim the health system. Current PACs are subspecialty organized trade groups, are disease-focused, or are industry sponsored.

We need a PAC to fight for public health, for primary care, for Slow Medicine, for more time with patients, for better EMRs, for payers that quickly (without prior auths) reimburse for valuable interventions. Etc. etc.

Anything else is just going to be free lunch at a shitty job. It's nice, but not enough.