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I had my own solo practice. Now I did not make as much as many of my peers, but I was happy because I controlled my schedule and how many patients I saw. My effective theory was try something, if it did not work, learn from it and move on. My patients were happy and stuck by me with longer waits to be seen as they knew that I spent time with them and more when and if needed. I looked at and sat down to talk with my patients for their visits. I was efficient and thought ahead to decrease the number of times I handled a chart when I was not face to face with patients and getting paid (ie results, etc). I created a scheduling system that allowed me to see quick visits (ie sick calls and "quickies") fast and efficiently. I created systems (both in paper and EMR) that allowed me to document my comprehensive visits quickly (I can type--critical skill for speed) and easily and survived more than one insurance audit for "upcoding".