Question normal

How many of us allowed our medical training to "train" the humanity and empathy right out of us? How many of us stood up to the system for ourselves or our patients? I know I did at some personal cost. But I did not want to allow the "system" to take away from me the reason I went into medicine--to use my knowledge of medicine and the health care system to be an advocate and gentle guide for my patients as they step into this complex, frightening medical and health care system of ours. To help them to understand their disease and how it will affect their lives. To help them find and use resources out there to educate and support them. To help them and act as a trusted advisor for them as they are passed thru our medical care system that sadly only sees them as diseases or numbers and not as a real person with a family, history and issues that are being impacted by a health concern.
I made it a point to "refill my well" and have good personal and professional boundaries.