Question normal

Practicing medicine has changed a lot, and our expectations may not have caught up. Someone is always asking for more than we think we can afford to give: time, data, money, and we’re angry, tired, and burnt out.

But medicine is not going to shrink or become less bureaucratic. We have to close the gap between what we expect and what we get. It’s critical that we continue to work to not lose what we have—but we also have to reset our expectations. We have to work with the system we have, not one we used to have or one we wish we did have. We have to decide that we are willing to adapt to the new problems, new challenges, and new information that come along.

We can do this ourselves, with what we already have, if we decide it’s worth doing. We may think we have a bad situation—but if it is a situation we either feel stuck in or choose to stay in, we can center our expectations on practicing medicine as it is, rather than wishing medicine were something different.