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The joy of medicine is to witness our patients achieve the best version of themselves. I propose an interface and workflow to support patient-directed, goal-oriented care.

1) Before a visit, patients are invited to define goals for personal health: what they want, how they will measure it, which resources will be needed, and why it matters to them.
2) Based on patient history, literacy, and goals, the patient portal curates educational content, empowering patients to be prepared for the visit.
3) In clinic, the clinician and patient revise the goals, discuss implementation, and finalize them.
4) Between visits, patients measure their outcomes via wearables and are prompted via email/text to send weekly updates on their progress. Wearables data and updates feed back into the EMR, ensuring continuity and completion.
5) Rinse and repeat!

This proposal fosters adherence. It envisions EMRs that help, not hinder, care. It returns physicians to their core motivations for doctoring.