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I think 'joy' is a state of mind. Circumstances--as long as they are not life-threatening or severely traumatic--don't matter that much in determining one's level of happiness.
In my own experience, it's been very empowering to discover that I can choose the emotions I want to have daily, instead of letting my mental state be dictated by my outside surroundings. This has been the gift of daily meditation.
Silent meditation requires practice to develop mastery, but guided meditation (with a pleasant audio coach guiding you) is readily accessible to anyone and can even be used in an "emergency" to calm a person. I think it would be wonderful to develop an app geared for healthcare professionals (or others in stressful positions) to help them focus, be more positive, cope with stress, and to motivate and empower.
Other features could include affirmations, images to practice visualization, and a gratitude journal to keep track of daily successes. Joy can be cultivated!