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For over 40 years I have cared of patients battling cancer. The last few years with insurance company requirements and prior authorizations for everything including aspirin ( just about) to say I was getting burned out would be an understatement. I needed to make a change, so for the last 9 months I have been in the process of switching gears and now focus on helping patients attain health and reach their ideal BMI and weight through simple healthy diet and life style education and modification.
The smiles on my patients faces when they come in for weekly weigh ins, has restored my own smile and truly is helping to restore my personal joy of practicing medicine. At the moment I take cash pay only, so all the usual insurance hassles, filing claims etc..are a thing of the past. It is amazing what good nutrition will do for all of us. If I am able to reduce obesity and the incidence of cancer for just 1 patient, I will have come full circle back to the joy where I began.