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Direct primary care is a new model for outpatient medicine that is becoming a slow tsunami sweeping the nation. It is helping physicians to reignite their passion for patient care while providing more accessible and affordable medicine.

DPC is typically an insurance free practice that charges a monthly rate based on age for a broad level of services. In our practice we charge $10 per month per child and $50 per month most adults for unlimited home/work/office/technology visit, no co-pays, free procedures like EKG, Holter, spirometry, DEXA, stitches, joint injections, biopsies and more. Furthermore we dispense medications and lab testing out of our office for wholesale prices which typically means up to 95% savings. Many medications are a penny a pill for us and most blood tests are $2-3 each.

We can then take this value and work with employers to help decrease insurance costs by 30 – 60%. This means that often the employees are able to get a raise because of the savings.