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I created an “outcome based” AD’s in my FamPract. I know that for me and my loved ones, the biggest factor in whether or not I would use advanced life support (ALS) techniques and which ones is based on the expected outcome.
When I'd ask patients what they wanted if needed ALS, I would get “Nothing, just let me go! I don’t want to be hooked up to machines.” Then I'd say, what if you got into an accident next week, broke a lot of ribs. You were expected to live and return home but needed to be on a machine for a short time? Would you want us to "let you go" or put you on the machine for short time? Almost 100% said, "in that case put me on the machine".
I truly feel that for most all of us as both patients or Drs, it depends on what happened and probable outcome for us to decide about use of ALS measures. With a system like this, it opens great opportunity to honestly look at and understand what our patients value in this situation and helps us guide them in their plans.