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To bring joy back to medicine, we need to break free from stressful, frantic, episodic/reactive office visits.

Twine is a cloud-based Collaborative Care Platform (iOS, Android, Web) that allows clinicians to blend medical and social support seamlessly into the day-to-day lives of patients. Patients co-create their care plans and build self-efficacy skills on a daily basis. Powerful artificial intelligence allows clinicians to focus on patients in need, right when they need it. Patient self-efficacy, satisfaction, and outcomes soar, and clinicians rediscover the gratification that comes with great rapport and clinical success.

Our team’s 6 years of research at the MIT Media Lab showed dramatic changes in patient behavior and unparalleled outcome, cost, and experience improvements. Now, 92% of uncontrolled hypertensive patients using Twine reach target blood pressure in only 3 months. After only 2 months, 80% of uncontrolled diabetics have already reached target blood glucose.