Question normal

There are many doctors and medical students who are extraordinarily creative, sometimes even without meaning to be. They express this creativity in political advocacy, leadership, entrepreneurship, tech, writing, music, art, teaching, or other forms. They join a long history of creative, worldly physicians like Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. and Anton Chekhov. However, in the current climate of medicine, they are seen as outliers. It is not often easy or necessarily rewarded to be creative, inside or outside the hospital. Going down the medical path often involves pressures to quickly extinguish all creativity, and conform to a series of pre-ordained steps and traditions. To challenge that status quo, I am looking for support to grow an online community called Doctors Who Create. We want to change the culture of medicine to encourage and reward creativity. We think such a change in professional culture will prevent burnout and promote empathy in the long-term.