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Painful procedures occur daily in pediatrics. I want to improve procedural pain and make care more patient-centered.
Why do kids not want vaccines or blood draws? They hurt! The stress and pain should not be underestimated, especially in babies who are extra sensitive to pain. Recently, this was demonstrated on MRI.
New technologies include painless ways to draw blood and microneedles. If better ways are out there, what needs to be done before they can be used? PAIN PREVENTION needs to be a priority, especially for the most vulnerable newborns.
There is an evidenced based guideline for handling pain with vaccines. Breastfeeding is an effective analgesic. Oral sugar solution, positioning child on parent's lap, rapid injection technique, The Buzzy (an FDA approved device) can help. I want to explore the feasibility of topical lidocaine patches in the clinic.
We have an opportunity to transform pain care in America. Please advocate for better pain prevention with me!