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As a primary care doctor, few things suck the joy out of medicine more than the paperwork -- the paperwork to see a new patient, to refer to a specialist, or even the stack of "electronic papers" I track to understand a patient's medical history. The truth is that for every 20min office visit, there is at least an hour's worth of paperwork.

On the patient's side, the situation is not much better. They get paperwork when they are seen at a new clinic, when they get insurance, or even more paperwork to get on an electronic patient portal.

What if we could eliminate some of the redundant paperwork that characterizes health care? If patients had a living intake form that they filled out once and transmitted, their doctors would know their health care goals when they walked in the room. Instead of wasting the first 5 out of the 20 min visit shuffling through paperwork, they could focus on what brings us all joy in medicine: counseling the patient, and doing medicine.

That the vision that led me to co-found Intake.Me. More information about what we do in the links below, and feel free to ping me with any questions!,