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Let's build apps that redefine patient interaction/adherence. Let's build a tech platform that will transform how doctors go about workflow. Is this all that defines 'healthcare innovation'?

Instead of doing the above, let's turn it on it's head. What if we could use existing technology to not only ease the lives of overburdened clinicians but also potentially improve pt care? We are currently applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) within EMR to achieve this through:

1 the use of specialized algorithms to understand individualized physician habits when using EMR (writing notes/entering in billing data)
2 the automation of physician workflow as well as easy identification of intricate details of patient care that could be overlooked (smoking status/obesity/diet/lifestyle etc)

Have your EMR work for you, this is the mission behind applying NLP within existing EMR!

Clinical study will be conducted upon IRB approval. Submitted w Dr Edgar Chou, Matt Brink, Sameer Massan