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Imagine being able to transform a smartphone into a portable, disease-detecting laboratory. In fact, we are using an iPhone to diagnose sexually transmitted infections! Worldwide there are over 488 million new STIs diagnosed per year. In the US, the annual cost of curable STIs is $742 million. These infections are often asymptomatic but can lead to serious sequelae. POC diagnosis is limited. Existing tests are alarmingly poor, with sensitivities ranging 12-80%. Nucleic acid amplification tests are the gold standard for diagnosis (80-100% sensitivity) but they require processing at a central lab, delaying results. Consequently, treatment is often delayed or given presumptively. Both approaches are problematic, as there is significant loss to follow-up and growing antibiotic resistance. To be able to accurately diagnose and treat STIs at the same patient visit is paramount. Biomeme offers a smartphone-based, rapid, POC molecular diagnostics platform. Traditional equipment for DNA analysis costs thousands of dollars but this mobile technology is available at a fraction of the cost. It puts the power of a DNA laboratory in the palm of your hand. It is accurate and easy to use. The system uses real-time PCR, a proven and time tested lab technique, to deliver results. The metrics for success of our innovation include: Reduced unnecessary treatment, costs, medical consequences of untreated disease and loss to follow-up; improved disease surveillance, medication compliance, care coordination, and access to treatment and counseling at the point of diagnosis.