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Fresh off my fam. med. rotation, I am amazed by the grassroots innovation taking place at community clinics. My idea involves utilizing tech. to bolster these efforts, specifically group visits.

"Group visits...allow physicians to deliver extensive patient education and self-management instruction while possibly increasing financial productivity." (link below)

The platform, called Groupings, is tailored to help physicians establish HIPAA compliant online groups between patients as an "adjuvant" to office group visits. Group visits, while an engaging experience, lack a sense of daily continuity that we experience as part of online communities. Group members share their thoughts (maybe an outlet for introverts), links, pics, or their daily health data, directly from device apis or EHRs, with patients' permission. Providers continue to monitor, send turnkey or tailored agendas, invites, goals and content, all while also discussing strategies with a community of other providers.