Question normal

If we can start our car engine with an app,we may put this idea to the smart pillbox? If the existing apps sends messages to the family, telling them that their family didnt take the dose of meds as ordered, we can lock all the small boxes except for the ones we want them to take, e.g. If it is a 7 x 3 pillbox and I want my mom to take the PM meds on Monday, we will only allow the Monday PM slot to be unlocked during Monday PM,other slots stay locked. That way, she will either be 1)taking the correct meds, 2) take that Monday evening meds and flush it into the toilet, or 3) didnt take it at all, which will trigger warning messages to the family.
The second thing is that we can do language command similar to an alarm app at certain time to remind the pt in their own language. "Take medicine"in their own language may just be a 3 second recording. This provides clear instructions to the patients,especially for those who has limited language proficiency, or simply, forgetful pts.