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We propose the creation of a Choosing Wisely dashboard in the EHR that will consist of 4 elements based on recommendations from the Society of Hospital Medicine. The dashboard, centered around the mnemonic “FLIP the patient for discharge “ will easily allow clinicians to reassess the need for 1) a Foley catheter, 2) daily Labs, 3) telemetry Indications and, 4) GI Prophylaxis. Each component will have an embedded hyperlink to allow clinicians to easily discontinue any intervention deemed unnecessary. We hypothesize that the dashboard will decrease low-value testing and monitoring; thus precluding any unwarranted downstream interventions. Additionally, an educational campaign encouraging communication between physicians and nurses to proactively determine which patients to FLIP will promote interdisciplinary care. By bundling 4 recommendations into a single intervention, we hope to address both the quality and costs of care across the broad spectrum of hospitalized patients.