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Living with cancer is becoming a chronic US condition.14M survivors in 2014, 1.6M new cancers diagnosed in 2015, 62% of patients living >5 years. Our E-health solution proposes a new survivorship care delivery model.
Diagnosis Specific Education and Survivorship Care Delivery Model
o Survivorship education and support, including a focus on health and wellness
o Links to disease specific resources
o Feedback loop to treatment team and ability for content design and care coordination
o Personalized treatment summaries and care plans. Surveillance ability for disease recurrence, late and long-term effects of treatment
Diagnosis Specific Secure Chat Room offers
Social Support
o Platform will connect demand with community resources
Diagnosis Specific Research Subject Pool
o Patients opt-in via informed consent
o Physician-vetted segmented patients are invited by research centers to participate in clinical trials tailored to their diagnosis, disease stage and needs