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As someone that works in a public hospital, we struggle with not just access to care, but also the patient experience. Because it is challenging for them to get an appointment, it's a disappointment for patients and providers alike when we only get 15 minutes to get to know each other. If the patient is new, I have defer much of my counseling until I'm able to get their records from an outside institution, which can delay care even further. Also, if I spend all 15 minutes just getting to know the patient, I have little time leftover to spend on actually helping patients with their health conditions.

That is why I've been working on a company called Intake.Me. We are creating a platform to enable/empower patients to upload all their medical records once and share their health history with their doctor. We envision a system where patients and doctors arrive informed to their visits, so they can spend the bulk of their time communicating and working towards better health.