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We're going to create a mobile application to address holistically the long-term care of transplant patients, through a system-based approach.
Patient level
- Education: Cognitive Tutoring System, to provide an active learning environment (medication safety, positive/negative behaviors, red flag signs).
- Behavioral: Medication Adherence Reminder System, linked to chosen closest family/friends contacts.
- Psychologic: Social Network System, based on peer support interaction.

Relationship patient-health team and Hospital (micro/meso levels)
We'll sync educational and behavioral reports to tailor providers' practices to address the needs of a individual patient.

Macro Level (health system and society)
We're designing a Governing Body with Patients and Professionals associations alongside Private and Public Sector reps.

By doing so, we believe we're not only acknowledging the long-term care complexity but better dealing with it, as required in a 21thcentury model of care.