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Artaic radically changes medication delivery focusing adherence, outcomes, and patient satisfaction. It involves all stakeholders in the adherence conundrum. Through interconnected hardware, software and IoT, our pill dispensing robots fill eRx and ship personalized wellness portfolios directly to patients. The packaging links an app to the HCP’s EMR to our central fill pharmacy, closing the care circle. The clinical challenges we address are medication error, poor adherence, waste, and drain on HCP time.
Non-adherence is attributed to 30% to 50% of medical treatment failures, 700,000 hospitalizations, one death every 19 minutes, $2,000 per patient/per year in MD visits, and over $300B in impact to US healthcare. Our NIH trial goal is to reduce errors, improve adherence (from norm of ~40% to NIH study goal of 75+%), optimize health professional time, and reduce Rx waste by helping each patient receive the right medication in right dose at the right time.