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Medical students, residents and fellows are taught how to resuscitate critically ill pediatric patients during their training. The (unrealistic) expectation is that the team lead assess the patient, speak to the family, and simultaneously know all dosing and equipment sizing. This is a difficult task!
We have developed a comprehensive pediatric resuscitation system (Handtevy) using a cloud based software (e-Handtevy) , where 100% customization is accomplished by the user (PCP, ED, EMS agency) on the front end. The e-Handtevy builds customized medication and equipment guides, based on age & length of the child. The system ultimately decentralizes all weight based information away from the team leader, allowing for greatly enhanced team dynamics, safer care and improved outcomes.
We are now building a tablet (& phone) based documenting tool that will allow real-time documentation of the event and communicate all data with the EMS or hospital based EMR, in a HIPAA compliant manner.