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Evidence-based medicine is in crisis. Doctors suffer from an explosion of information. "One 2005 audit of a 24 hour medical take in an acute hospital, for example, included 18 patients with 44 diagnoses and identified 3679 pages of national guidelines (an estimated 122 hours of reading) relevant to their immediate care." - BMJ. We believe if evidence-based medicine is a science, then it can measured, and it can be displayed for physicians, patients, and all allied healthcare professionals in an understandable way. Our Treatment Score Analyzer™ is the solution. Remember the early days of the computer when only those who could do machine programming could use a computer? Then, Apple and Windows put on a graphical user interface and suddenly everyone could use a computer? We have put a graphical User Interface (GUI) over the evidence-based medicine process, and have made it simple so that doctors, nurses, AND PATIENTS everywhere around the world can do it. We quantify the science.