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Re-envisioning telemedicine to provide chronic care, making it convenient for patients to utilize physicians. For tele-home visits, technology such as medwand can be beneficial providing health care providers with biometric data. Patients can use store-and-forward features to bring up any dermatological concerns they may have. MedWand, small tabled with videos describing how to use it and a hotspot will be delivered to patient’s home one day prior to visit and scheduled for pickup the next day. Using Theranos lab technology to make patient experience of blood draws pain free and more acceptable. If looking for health care setting, utilize Health Spot inside pharmacies to deliver telemedicine. In this setting use health coaches as tech support to facilitate visit. Finally, if a health care provider is required to see patient then use Heal to deliver physicians to the location of need. True cost savings will be seen once we are able to integrate technology in a meaningful way!