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During hospitalization, ambulation in patients is significantly reduced. Bed rest for just ten days has shown to decrease muscle strength and aerobic capacity. Surprisingly, step count has not been shown to relate to admission diagnosis or illness severity. The level of ambulation during hospitalization correlates with mortality post-discharge. The Choosing Wisely campaign (American Academy of Nursing) has chosen ambulating elderly patients as a priority to improve quality of care. Few studies have looked at level of activity in inpatients, and no studies to my knowledge using activity monitors like the FitBit as a motivational tool for patients to increase ambulation. Therefore, the goal of this project will be to 1) quantify the level of ambulation in our medicine inpatients and 2) observe if giving patients a step count goal increases their level of ambulation. Secondary outcomes include 1) 30-day readmission rate, 2) place of disposition, 3) number of falls, and 4) length of stay.