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REUNIONCare activates family members and caregivers as active team members proactively closing gaps in care. Designed for the CMS non-synchronous care CPT code 99490. REUNIONCare is a subscription-based online platform that connects those requiring care with their family members, caregivers, and professional health care providers to collaboratively create and manage a patient-centered care plan.
REUNIONCare portal empowers providers to see, in a holistic way, all of the activities, care protocols, lifestyle features and daily activities of the person being cared for. From one dashboard view, everyone involved in the care can see, share and communicate, creating the ability to proactively minimize problems and emergencies through advanced information and alerts.
REUNIONCare for Primary Care Providers allows you to add new revenue streams, receive higher Medicare reimbursements, deliver better medical outcomes, lower total costs, and improve patient satisfaction.