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I propose a real-time cost-effectiveness application in the EMR to help clinicians make better clinical and financial decisions.
Imagine you are an ER doc confronted with a common scenario: flank pain in a patient with a likely kidney stone. How do you decide which imaging study to order for your patient – the $5000 CT or the $1000 ultrasound? Our application will combine published data on the likelihood of reaching a diagnosis with a certain imaging study or laboratory test with the institutional cost of the studies. For example, the ultrasound you considered ordering may only have 50% sensitivity – so one-half of the time, you must order the $5000 CT scan as well. This application will calculate the average total cost of each treatment arm to allow clinicians to instantly see the cost they incur to the healthcare system based on different clinical strategies. Additionally, the app will allow clinicians to toggle the sensitivity of various tests based on unique patient populations.