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The rushed pace of medicine today results in the symptoms of an illness being addressed in a piecemeal manner, leaving the underlying cause untreated. This results in 270 billion healthcare dollars being wasted each year.

To address this problem, we are creating graphical disease stories that focus on the big picture.

1. Data from wearables (like Fitbits) create the backbone of the disease story and tracks sleep, activity, heart rate, and distance traveled.
2. Hospitals and clinics add medical history, treatment, and laboratory data.
3. We track disease-specific deviations in data.
4. When concerning trends are detected, patients are proactively engaged to help add symptomatic context to their numbers.
5. Relevant facts are then incorporated onto the graphical timeline, providing an overview of disease progression.

This creates value by decreasing the dollars wasted on ineffective care. This platform also qualifies for Medicare's remote monitoring incentive.