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As healthcare continues to evolve, we need a simple solution to a complex problem. We need to deliver value by improving experiences while simultaneously improving clinical outcomes and decreasing cost. And we need to do so with a tool that is intuitive, sustainable, creates a sense of urgency, & changes organizational culture.

The PFCC Methodology and Practice (PFCC M/P) is a six-step approach to improving experiences & outcomes while decreasing costs. By viewing all care through the eyes of patients & families, high performance implementation teams partner with patients & families to identify actionable improvement opportunities & to close the gaps between the current state and the ideal.

The PFCC Step-by-Step web-based platform harnesses the power of technology to bring the PFCC M/P to any healthcare setting. With this tool, the care team can quickly be trained in the use of the PFCC M/P, search project ideas, track improvements & connect with the global PFCC Community.