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Glaucoma is the 2nd leading cause of blindness worldwide and nearly 60% of Americans with the disease are undiagnosed. If caught early, the debilitating symptoms of glaucoma are treatable. Currently, the standard of care for diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma involves a visual field test. The devices are very expensive, which limits the test to eye specialist clinics and severely hampers the diagnostic potential of the test. We have developed SimField, a technology that is more than 20 times cheaper than the common visual field tests in use. SimField utilizes an off-the-shelf head-mounted display technology to provide a visual field test that can be easily administered by non-clinicians in a portable setting. SimField will economically address undiagnosed glaucoma as we hope to reach patients beyond those who can regularly see an eye specialist. We are motivated to remove cost and location barriers before the natural progression of glaucoma eliminates viable treatment options.