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“Stop IT” is a hospital-wide campaign promoting high-value care with the goal to reduce unnecessary inpatient testing.

The core team consists of representatives from finance, residents, hospitalists, specialists, and EPIC physician builders.

Our first target: inappropriate inpatient thrombophilia workup – i.e. testing for Factor V Leiden, protein S level, etc. Project leaders met with senior hematologists and geneticists to identify 15 tests that would not change management of acute thrombus or are unreliable in setting of acute thrombus. Education about why these tests are inappropriate will occur through the EHR during provider workflow upon attempting to order the test, with a hard-stop allowing only specific exceptions to continue with order. We will track number of tests ordered, hospital spending, and hematology consults before & after implementation.

Our goal is to foster system-wide awareness of thoughtful ordering practices so that everyone can start “Stop[ping] IT"!