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PERS 2.0 = Social Emergency Network, the first personal emergency response system on your smartphone for family and friends.

SwiftAlarm! GOLD
The first personal emergency response system on your Smartphone! SwiftAlarm! GOLD allows you to easily and quickly call for help. According to your current location, SwiftAlarm! will notify exactly those family members and friends who can help you.

This is how it works:
To get the best out of SwiftAlarm! GOLD, set up your LifeCircles: the places you visit often, like your home, your office or your gym, and specify who you want to have contacted in case of an emergency. When you're at home, you might want to let your spouse or neighbour know, in the office, a trusted colleague could be your first responder.
Once set up, SwiftAlarm! GOLD tracks your position and stores the last five locations in your phone. In case of an emergency, all you need to do is to press the big red alarm button, and SwiftAlarm! GOLD will notify the right person.