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Depression costs our healthcare system $100Bn per year, and drugs are not the answer. Antidepressants are expensive and rife with terrible side effects. The powerful alternative to drugs is bright light therapy (BLT), which is clinically shown to be as effective as drugs, but works 4x faster with no side effects.
SunSprite is a BLT patient engagement solution for depression. It is the only wearable of its kind.
Early SunSprite pilots show 82% patient engagement (vs antidepressants’ 50%) and 73% patient health improvement. Beyond better outcomes and cost savings, SunSprite allows non-MDs (e.g., social workers, nurses) a more active role in treatment.
BLT’s effectiveness is compounded when combined with exercise, which is proven to stimulate brain function, increase energy, and boost mood.
By piloting SunSprite with Misfit, we can create a depression solution that engages patients, improves outcomes, and reduces cost in a tech-forward world.