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ADHD is a psychiatric condition that can be readily treated by stimulant medications. Concerns for increased heart rate, blood pressure, insomnia and loss of appetite exist with these medications. Duration of effect (DOE) is commonly used to determine individual dosing regimens for these medications. Tools to assess treatment efficacy, DOE, and safety parameters would be helpful for clinicians to better treat their patients. Proposed is a patient-based mobile application where medication, dose, time are recorded and alarms for med reminders set and correlated to baseline and ongoing Adult ADHD Self Report Scale outcomes, selected ADHD based emotional states as well as feeds from a Fitbit Charge HR for heart rate/sleep/calorie counts, and % calm scores from Muse EEG. Visualization of these correlated parameters over time could then used to monitor safety parameters, med compliance, DOE, and overall outcomes to allow for more timely dose titration and symptom relief.